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flex fuel converter harness This harness is designed to be a complete wiring system for the fuel injection system on General Motors throttle body (5. Re: New invention, convert OBD1/MUT into Canbus OBD2 for Torque App, and read Flex Fu With the Innovate LC1/LC2, you connect the WBO2 to the Innovate controller and feed the 5v signal wire to the BlackStealth converter box. 99 / piece Free Shipping In this video we have a 1999 Ford Ranger 3. If you are looking for a used Chevrolet S10 for sale, you'll be glad to know that the vehicle for most model years between 1994 and 2004 have received good to excellent reviews from owners, rating from four to five stars. You will need to jack the car up and place the front on jack stands. 3 2005 2004 2003 Fuel Flex 2. Locate ho8122 hopkins 48285 for sale now online. 8/5. Update your software and all the tables will show up for every car. Flex fuel vehicles can develop fuel calibration issues resulting in illumination of the Check Engine Light and/or lack of power. tandselectronics. Big assortment of Universal Adaptor Converter and . Fuel Injection Harness Connector . The converter turns the pulsed signal from the GM Flex Sensor into a voltage, and the wiring kit (designed and made by Race Spec) allows for a nearly plug and play solution (you must hook up Power (12 volt), Ground and connect the voltage output to a voltage input on your ECU or Engine Management. Customer Questions Order your Flex Fuel Sensor Harness General Motors OEM 13352241 - GMZWH00001 today at 1AAuto. fast shipping and low prices with great customer service will shop with them again if they have what im looking for. Flex Fuel Smart Sensor. Buy a 2010 Ford Flex Voltage Converter Connector at discount prices. — including 2013 Ford Explorer, Taurus, Flex, Fusion and Police Interceptor utilities and sedans, and Lincoln MKS, MKT and MKZ vehicles. At Bavarian Autosport, we stock products for the cooling and fuel systems, transmission and clutch assemblies, to all of the filters, belts, and fluids that your MINI or BMW will ever need. The sensors output a frequency and a converter is required to translate this into a voltage which can be read by the ECU. MegaSquirt-II (including MicroSquirt ) is the first aftermarket EFI controller with direct flex-fuel support for experimental only testing of ethanol fuels and blends. Plug-in hybrids have a capacity for both liquid fuel and electricity. These are the RED & BLUE PCM connector pinouts that will cover 1999 to 2002 4. 5T. 6l flex fuel fits 2010-2011 grand marquis 148990 Part number 323 is available for purchase online. $65. Gates 31843Y Flex Fuel Regular Fuel Cap. What is an o xygen sensor?. EFFECTIVE DATE: 06/01/2007 The converter turns the pulsed signal from the GM Flex Sensor into a voltage, and the wiring kit (designed and made by Race Spec) allows for a nearly plug and play solution (you must hook up Power (12 volt), Ground and connect the voltage output to a voltage input on your ECU or Engine Management. com and get the latest information, as well as detailed specs and features. The flex-fuel module and converter harness is a DC-AC-DC interface, used to prevent chemical reactions created by the interaction of DC current with the fuel. In some cases, the catalytic converter has gone bad. (automatic with OD) 100k miles Recently, it has developed a squeak/squeeling noise. Configurable flex blend curve allows blending of fuel tables, spark advance tables, afr target tables, alternate start and warmup settings, boost and overboost tables, and acceleration enrichment settings based on the exact concentration of ethanol in fuel The XBus Converter harness from JR is a PWM converter with one port and is 300mm in length. RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. I'm using it on a 2003 Accord harness (K24A4 engine) with the appropriate 05 ECU. 1 Remove the bolt and the converter assembly. If you're looking to upgrade or repair your Ford F-150 with a Fuel Pump Wiring Harness Auto Parts Warehouse is here for you. Ford V8 Non Mass-Air (Speed Density) Telorvek Fuel Injection Wiring Harness (85-88 Mustang, 85-90 T-Bird, all Crown Vic/LTD/Town Car/Grand Marquis, 88-92 Truck/Bronco, Custom Apps) You get everything you need for your engine to run like factory. On flex-fuel vehicles, basic fuel level indication is the same as gasoline vehicles, except that the flex-fuel vehicles incorporate the use of a flex-fuel module and converter harness. Page 4 of 33 Flex Fuel Flex fuel sensors measure the ethanol content of fuel passing through it and report the rating as a percentage. Racetronix Fuel Injector Harness Adaptors, USCAR TO MINITIMER $ 6. Nice clean factory looking install. ECU control of a Boost Control Solenoid is also available on most harnesses. EVO. With this sensor you will need the Zeitronix or another type of converter that will convert the frequency output to a 0-5v output for the COBB/EcuTek to read properly. This is a complete package to get E85 up and going on your vehicle! This converter kit is a Full Flex Gold and will allow the car to run on E85, Gas, or any mixture of the two. 3/6. it really is a s simple as hooking up a fuel supply, power source, and a ground source to get the engine running in your car. Description The best prices for blk gfelmkbkdp hopkins. DOOR HINGE - FRONT CLUTCH DISC. There are three different type of fuel injector connectors used, The most common ones are the LS1 style, which is essentially the same as the TPI and LT1 injectors , the injector connector used for the 1999 and up Vortec V8 engines and the third design which is for the flex fuel engines. To use the flex fuel sensor you will need to buy a convertor that converts the signal from the factory flex sensor to 0-5v ($$). Follow these tips and tricks to make a good reliable wire harness repair. Hard to beat prices on hopkins 42235 lite! Find our vast collection of hopkins 42235 lite available for buying today! Flexplate/Torque Converter Description New C4 Automatic Transmission Flexplate for 73-77 Classic Ford Broncos. 2 Gm 2000 2002 Chevrolet Sensor $265. Details. I read in Cobb's Flex Fuel Tuning guide this "To power the external sensor hardware, assuming the device is a normal automotive sensor and draws low current, you may use the 5v circuit present at the TGV connector" harness as close to the center of the vehicle as possible. - Continental Flex Fuel Sensor Testimonials & Reviews - Michele Abbate's Race Car runs the Delicious Tuning's Flex Fuel Package to get the most out of her vehicle to compete at the level needed for racing in the professional USTCC series. If you have any questions, please call 1-877-ADVANCE (238-2623) or visit any Advance Auto Parts store. Presenting 2008 Flex W in stock and ready to ship now online. For electric vehicles, this is the battery capacity in kilowatt-hours. Once it was checked for codes we checked fuel, fire and compression. In addition, the PCM uses program code to read a fuel composition sensor that provides a digital pulsed signal based on the amount of ethanol in the fuel supply. 2 Replicator Gm Sensor Chevrolet 2003 Fuel Replicator 2001 5. For a Mustang harness, the fuel pump connections are located next to the computer and the other connections are in the two connectors near the master cylinder. Designed as a solder in solution for Nissan ECUs, this harness converter the 50-150Hz frequency from the Continental Flex Fuel sensor to a 0 - 5 volt range. Ford Flex P0303 Definition. EFI - Fuel Injection From GM's factory COPO Camaro to NASCAR to your car, get the new standard in fuel injection with Holley’s fuel injection kits and EFI systems. The number of fuel lines on many vehicles has been reduced by “returnless” fuel injection systems. To Wiring Solution Harness Towing Simple Trailer 42235 Hopkins Plug-in Vehicle Wiring Trailer Vehicle Harness Plug-in Solution Simple To 42235 Towing Hopkins $46. 8L V6 engine equipped vehicle and is a step-by-step fuel injector resistance test done with a multimeter in Ohms mode. New! Flex Fuel Converter Kit Includes fuel lines, fasteners and a harness. 0 litre flex fuel truck for about 8 months, it has been great and was well maintained. e. The CD Dashes main harness includes two independent CAN bus inputs, so virtually any device with a CAN output (like an existing logger, wideband air/fuel ratio controller module, programmable ECU or additional sensors using an analog/frequency to CAN converter module) can be added to your CD-5 carbon or CD-7 RZR display. I-Boost Control (5 stages of boost curves that can be selected to be targeted against Vehicle Speed, Time, or Flex Fuel input) Flex Fuel (ability to run any mixture of E85 with the ECU making on the fly adjustments to boost, spark, and fueling based on Ethanol content). Choose from full wiring harnesses, separate system harnesses (like Halogen headlight upgrades), switches, fuse blocks, back up light harnesses and a ton more. 8 liter Duramax diesel engine. We help you find the heavy duty truck parts that you need. Just let the the system make the changes according to ethanol content. We treat our customers like family before and after every sale. My 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan threw me code P0206 and P0306 about a bad injector on cylinder 6. Now, we can harness the power of the sun with solar and convert that energy into a steady charge on batteries, and use an inverter to run everyday items. 0. inspect the flex fuel converter wiring harness (14407) for water intrusion, and perform diagnostic steps following workshop manual, section 413-01, pin point test "b". I have head from two mechanics now that it is a torque converter issue. I just want to share the DSX aux pump and flex fuel sensor I installed recently. Parts fit for the following vehicle options. BlueFlex Universal ECA with Bluetooth. I went to Yes it can be bypassed using a Flex Fuel Replicator from two companies. I just bought that new style flex fuel sencor off zeitronix and wired it the way the instuctions says. Point A. Welcome to EFI Connection. E85 Flex Fuel Composition Sensor Connector Pigtail Plastic Kit Plug Parts Ethanol Wiring Harness For Portable BNC to VGA Video Converter Composite S-video Input 400LPH AN Fittings High Flow Inline Fuel Pump 340lph High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump (Offset Inlet) 340LPH E85-Compatible High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump (65mm with hooks, Offset Inlet) A Flex Fuel Sensor is a device that measures the ethanol content in the car?s fuel system. Coil/Ignitor. CATALYTIC CONVERTER. All of our fuel lines are pre-bent and ready to install, so that your installation process becomes that much easier, and that much less time consuming. Here is a picture of the GM fuel sensor Carl and his crew added to my fuel line so I can run E85. 5-liter V6 engine was updated over the years in an attempt to improve acceleration and fuel economy, but it still falls short on refinement. The sensor is installed between the fuel pressure regulator and the fuel tank, where it monitors the ethanol content of the fuel returning to the tank. Motor Vehicles . SelectShift Stand Alone Transmission Controller Package - Chrysler 47RE/48RE. Buy replacement parts for 2009 Ford Flex at Go-Parts. About 3 months ago the car developed a shudder at low acceleration, low RPM. com ORwww. Lastly, this article is geared towards solving a hard to diagnose rough idle and/or misfire code (P0300, P0301, P0302, P303, P0304, P0305, P0306 -if your Ford Get Grit Drx22mm Drive Oxygen on the internet! Browse a bunch of Grit Drx22mm Drive Oxygen available for sale this week. Oxygen sensors, also commonly referred to as a lambda sensor, an air fuel ratio sensor (AFR or AF), or an O2 sensor, were first used in an automobile in the late 1970s, and are a major component to all modern vehicles. This engine used different fuel injectors and pump to flow more fuel. Flex-fuel vehicles have been produced since the 1980s, and come in dozens of models. stock fuel rails, and a walbro 450 in the stock colorado tank. 1997-2005 Gm Vehicles 3. 0L or 3. The base 3. Easily find what you need from thousands of parts available. According to the U. Ford will notify owners, and dealers will replace the fuel injection pump and associated parts and, if necessary, will replace the fuel filter and flush The COBB Tuning Flex Fuel Package makes running ethanol safe and convenient by letting users monitor the ethanol content and fuel pressure through the Accessport. 0 MicroSquirt with 8′ Harness is an entry-level, fully assembled ECU and universal 30″ pigtail with varied applications targeting power sports, single cylinder all the way up to 8 cylinders with up to 2 fuel and 4 spark outputs. 0L and 5. Alerts There are 3 recalls on this vehicle. If you smell rotten eggs in the exhaust, your cat converter needs to be replaced. For best results, be sure to use a properly designed set of headlight relays to avoid melting your headlight switch when running the SA Grill setup (if choosing to run higher wattage bulbs than stock). Used, rebuilt & salvage engines, transmissions, rears, cab and body & more For a vehicle using gasoline or another liquid fuel, this is the size of the fuel tank in gallons or liters. Need MPG information on the 2011 Ford Flex? Visit Cars. Presenting Gm Flex Fuel available for buying right now on the internet! Presenting Gm Flex Fuel available for buying right now on the internet! Aftermarket fuel injection harnesses can be purchased that allow keeping the flex fuel design with the addition of an FCS sensor and the matching ECU or the flex fuel design can be eliminated by changing the fuel injectors and changing the VIN on the ECM to a non-flex fuel VIN. Monitoring limited to – Oxygen Sensor EGR System Fuel System Get fast, Free Standard Shipping on orders over $99 from Summit Racing--no shipping, handling, or rural fees! Exclusions apply. Shop Advance Auto Parts to find low prices on Trailer Wiring Harness for your 2015 Ford Flex. Part number 646 is available for purchase online. Need Volvo Wiring Harness Parts? Check out 38 Volvo Wiring Harness Parts for sale. [IMG] This thread is to discuss the Flex Fuel Option. Configurable flex blend curve allows blending of fuel tables, spark advance tables, afr target tables, alternate start and warmup settings, boost and overboost tables, and acceleration enrichment settings based on the exact concentration of ethanol in fuel For those with a damaged harness or in need of a harness swap we offer an entirely new N55 wiring harness for $250. 07 08 Crown Victoria Engine 4. Use the switched, fused 12 volt power that supplies your ECU with power (splice), use the ECUs main ground (splice) and wire the 0-5 volt converter out to your ECUs Analog Voltage Input that will be used for Flex Fuel Monitoring. Description. The Advance Auto Parts core charge presented to you online today with your item is representative of the most common core charge. Find great deals on eBay for flex fuel kit. GM Flex Fuel Sensor Racetronix Fuel Injector Impedance Converter Harness, V8 applications using AEM Converter Box The Flex Fuel Ethanol Sensor Kit is a requirement for converting your supported Subaru to a Flex Fuel configuration. was running on a P01 ECU with a 02 silverado flex fuel OS in it, and a regular GM flex sensor. Shop tons of Gm Flex Fuel and much more available for sale. fuel filter cleaned the tank. Our Product and Catalog teams will be notified of your comments. Full Flex Gold is the only EPA compliant kit available and makes your car more fuel efficient and environment friendly. Flex Fuel support is available if desired. The engine control pack and wiring harness is truly plug and play and simplifies the conversion to the modern electronically fuel injected V8 high performance engine. Based on our advanced tool platform the development of the 2D-geometrical drawing is also supported. Hi K tuner, Just purchased a unit and I cannot seem to find the "FLEX FUEL" settings on the software. com. Shop with confidence. . I routed my with the flex fuel sensor harness by the firewall then went to the front by the radiator . Haven't had alot of problems with Ford Flex's they have been out for little while know sold quite a few. There is as similar one on the 5. Monday-Friday 9-5 We’re On Twitter! My Tweets. This is a stand alone computer and harness that simply plugs into the motor and runs everything. 36 mph. Call (877) 321-PART today for cheap/discount prices! Inventory Alert - The has no stock and or pricing available, please complete the form below and we will get back to you if can special order the item for you. Engine Wire Harness. This will require a converter (zeitronix or other) to convert the standard flex fuel PWM signal into a 0-5v signal. Your harness MAY NOT have a pin in a location I have listed having a wire. It will assist us in providing you with the best products and coverage possible. Page 6- DIY Flex Fuel Kit for under $ I was looking for a harness connector solution and I think this will work perfectly. Teknotik is your Canadian Source for Import Performance Parts, specializing in Honda and Acura. harness as close to the center of the vehicle as possible. For this SALE, you get the DSX Fuel Pump Kit, Flex Fuel Converter, & your choice of ID 1050X, 1300, or 1700 injectors at the lowest cost possible! Read all about these products below. The flex fuel custom OS will utilise the second O2 sensor on BF/FG as the flex fuel sensor input. Find best value and selection for your GM FUEL PUMP WIRING HARNESS W CON 28084479 OEM NEW PACK 1999 CHEVY GMC search on eBay. Here are some questions How to fix your wire harness plug connector. 00 Racetronix Fuel Injector Impedance Converter Harness, V8 applications using AEM Converter Box Here's another sneak peak of our prototype Plug 'N Play Flex Fuel Kit for the 2016+ Civic 1. I've also heard in other cases the problems were faulty fuel injectors. 4 Brief History Of OBD OBD-I was implemented for 1988 and later model year vehicles. i was skeptical about this site but after reading the reviews and them having the lowest price i could find for my part i pulled the trigger and wasn't disappointed. Anti-lock Brake Pts. Easy to use parts catalog. 9L Cummins equipped with an automatic transmission. Featuring Universal Adaptor Converter available to buy now! Shop the parts you need to improve or maintain your BMW engine here. Our Senior Automotive Engineer has over 50 years of experience in the auto industry with a clear focus on electronics. Affordable Fuel Injection. All of the components of the kit install at the rear of the car and maintain a plug-and-play affair with no necessary wiring or fuel system fabrication. IF THE FLEX FUEL CONVERTER WIRING HARNESS IS DETERMINED TO BE AT FAULT, REPLACE WITH PART NUMBER 6L3Z-14407-A. This commonly occurs if only short trips are taken after changing fuel type from E85 to gasoline or gasoline to E85. Engine started normally. 0 items in cart. Ford said it received 600 fuel leak complaints as of March 31. 79 Hopkins Towing Solution e85 conversion kit 4cyl 6cyl (plastic case)-- Cold Start Asst, flex fuel, kit ethanol e85, superethanol DHL free price US $123. 2007 Lincoln Town Car Engine 4. 3 flex plate. Diesel Ops is committed to providing our customers an unparalleled shopping experience. Wonderful prices on 921 Back Flex Fuel! Find a selection catalog of 921 back flex fuel in stock and ready to ship here online. Chances are, JEGS has just the harness or electrical accessory you need to make your electrical job a whole lot easier. 8L V-10 Wiring Harness Parts? Check out 1 Ford 6. If debris clogs the fuel system, the engine may stall, increasing the risk of a crash. 2012 Ford Flex Parts. . Please note that production units are subject to change. 4x4c – Add Plug ‘n Play features to your hardwire project : use a Blank Harness to avoid cutting of factory wiring harness The first recall, for potentially leaky fuel tanks, affects 465,000 vehicles — 390,000 of them in the U. 0L Flex Fuel Sensor (2) Automatic Transmission Torque Converter Clutch Pressure Switch Connector (1) ACDELCO – OE REPLACEMENT FUEL PUMP HARNESS CONNECTORS. The Flex Fuel Sensor Kit will allow Subaru STI drivers to successfully convert to ethanol. Parts like Automatic Transaxle Flex Plate, Torque Converter, & Oil Pump are shipped directly from authorized GM dealers and backed by the manufacturer's warranty. Quarter Flex Plate for 89-07 Dodge 5. We will also be including a harness and Flex Fuel Converter Kit: This is a universal Flex Fuel kit we created for those applications that require a tidy $249. Our systems deliver more power and a better throttle response, giving you the performance you need. This flexplate has 164 tooth and is a direct replacement to the factory original 11 3/8 bolt pattern flexplates. A $100 core charge applies and will be refunded upon return of your damaged/old wiring harness. 75 inches from the outside of the passenger side AC compressor to the outside edge of the Power Steering mini-reservoir. Need Ford 6. Subaru Flex Fuel Update! converter that translates the signal from the sensor into something your vehicle’s ECU can use. FREE same day shipping available for US and Canada! Shop online with us now Fuel Tank Harness Connector; Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor Connector Flex Fuel Sensor; Fuel Injection Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Catalytic Converter Air Tube safety: fuel vapors are heavier than air and tend to collect in low places where an explosive fuel/air mixture may be ignited by any spark or flame resulting in property damage, personal injury, and/or death. Shop hopkins 47755 simple brake available for purchase here. eBay Parts Center Template 1 Flex Fuel Sensor Harness fits 2007-2008 Suzuki XL-7 ACDELCO OE SERVICE SELLER & PAYMENT INFORMATION Seller name : dfapinc See our other listings CUSTOMER SUPPORT If you have questions about the product or your order please contact us via eBay Messages for assistance. Engine Wiring Harness 3. 94529346 Catalytic Converter 2011-15 Chevy Cruze 1. Call (877) 321-PART today for cheap/discount prices! The harness plugs into the transmission connector located on the side of the transmission. Locate blk gfelmkbkdp hopkins available for buying now online. These are mainly battery voltage, switched ignition voltage, PCM output to control fuel pump, and a brake switch signal for electronic torque converter control (if used). 4. 3L Powerstroke Torque Converter Nuts / Flex Plate Bolts part numbers S378941S441 & F5TZ6379A. Wiring Harness and Integration Support In this step the electrical connections of the wiring harness is developed and optimized. The controller mounts in the cab and allows the driver to view critical transmission and engine inputs such as line pressure and commanded engine load. 8l Exhaust Catalytic Converter Pipe With Flex. Phillip Long) Pro-EFI 48 (not supra, but still) Shop LinesToGo for 1993, 1995, 2000 and more Chevrolet fuel lines. Part Number 8VAD. The Ethanol Sensor Kit measures the ethanol content of fuel being fed into the motor and converts it into data that can be utilized by the car's ECU. 2 motor with this combo, "tuned and converter to E85". S. Once connected, you'll be able to easily modify the operating parameters of your transmission such as the shift points, torque converter clutch behavior, shift firmness and more! Shop the parts you need to improve or maintain your BMW engine here. Buy replacement parts for 1994 Chevrolet (Chevy) C1500 at Go-Parts. A Flex Fuel Sensor is a device that measures the ethanol content in the car’s fuel system. AEM's Flex Fuel Ethanol Content Sensor Kits measure a vehicle's fuel ethanol content percentage and fuel temperature, which allows users with programmable engine management systems (capable of tuning for flex fuel) the ability to optimize an engine's tuning calibration for fuel ethanol content. Ok, I thought it would be best to start a new thread on the L86, 6. 00 Dual Alternator Bracket Kit And 2 Overdrive Pulleys Chevygm 2000 - 2013 Dual Alternator Bracket Flywheel/Flex Plate. Start with answering the Poll if you use the flex fuel option or not. COBB Tuning has developed the Flex Fuel Ethanol Sensor Kit so that users can successfully convert to ethanol. Manufacturers of the Flex Fuel Smart Sensor If you currently have engine failure codes of P0176, P0177, P0178 or P0179, you have come to the right place to replace your OEM Flex Fuel Sensor on your vehicle for a fraction of the cost. 7L) injection engines. The latest S10 pickups offer consumers a choice between a 2. Meet the new generation of Flex Fuel Sensors. Find great deals on a replacement harness or connector for your car, truck or SUV. Discussion forum for Tundra owners, enthusiasts and modders. Energy Information Administration, there are more than 8 million FFVs rolling down America's streets and highways today. P0303 is a cylinder specific misfire code, which means that Cylinder 3 is misfiring and causing the code. Guys this my first time to using Holley EFI, but I'm reading a lot about it, so I think it's the time to start on my truck with Holley Dominator. Our site has searched far and wide for a very comprehensive group of items in stock and ready for shipping now on the web. FUEL PERFORMANCE FLEX FUEL 8 Foot Wiring Harness and Connector Save fuel pressure sensor harness to get e-mail alerts please use the Universal Currency Converter. Page 3 of 3 - COBB Flex Fuel - overview, video tutorial, base map, wiring diagram - posted in AccessTUNER: totally chris!! its been out for a long time. Focusing on tons of Hopkins 40955 3036 available for sale this week! Product Description Universal Blank Harness. The vehicle is designed to run on unleaded gasoline and an alcohol fuel (usually ethanol) in any mixture. It was towed in with the problem of no cranking. I had a flex converter version on Converter Output (Yellow), 0-5v output to ECU The DTM 3p Socket included should be used to wire the kit to your ECU. FAST XFI Fuel Injector Harness for GM GEN III LS2 LS3 and LS7 Ford Flex 2009, Air Fuel Ratio Sensor by NTK®. Chevrolet Camaro 2002 Fuel. Find great deals on eBay for flex fuel conversion kit. I have had a 2000 Ford Ranger 3. All you need along with the converter is a flex fuel sensor with pigtail harness (GM or Continental recommended) and a modified or aftermarket fuel line to install it with. Lines-To-Go makes our process all about the customer. Sensor Connector Pigtail For GM Continental Flex Fuel Sensors Alternator Lead Wire Repair Harness Connector Replaces CS130 CS121 CS144 Fits 86-96 GM by 269 Motorsports Boost Monkey E85 Flex Fuel Sensor Connector Pigtail Plastic Body Flex Fuel Composition Ethanol For GM (Prewired Connector) If you have the flex fuel sensor and you follow the instructions, you won't have to switch between tunes. 5l Flex Fuel Vin K 8th Digit At Fits 08 Impala 625867. It can be done. Plus, the odds of most tuners giving you an unlocked map to run thru the flex fuel 'tweaker' is slim to none. 1775 N Lapeer RD. Wiring harness found bad on emmisions” Anonymous, OH (2009 Ford Flex Limited 3. Here are the websites: www. Bolt the new engine in place (motor mounts, transmission, exhaust pipes and line up and bolt the torque converter to the flex plate. have a 2012 Ford Flex Titanium with the AWD and ecoboost motor with 94k miles. Buy from this group of 2008 Flex W now! Alex, With Fuel Flex International’s converter installed, fuel adjusted to 40/60 ethanol/gasoline because gasoline was in the tank on October 29, 2009. fuel pump assembly 4. 01-05 Gm . I bought with the flex fuel Ethanol Content Analyzer digital gauge . This conversion kit includes: Eight cylinder E85 ethanol conversion computer The DSX Flex Fuel kits use an authentic GM Flex Fuel sensor, high-quality quick-connect fittings that are fully compatible with your factory fuel system, and a plug & play wiring harness. Fuse Box Engine Flex Fuel Vehicle E85 Fits 2009-2016 FORD E350 VAN 586662. currently swapped to P59 with 3bar and Flex OS on it right now Release the fuel charging wiring harness from the clips on the bulkhead. Your other option is, if you're going with an aftermarket torque converter anyways, is to have the torque converter made with the correct offsets and mounting pads to bolt up to the stock 4. I'm averaging 9 mpg in town and 15 on a freeway trip on my past tankful. Step 11. com EVOX Flex Fuel Package is a simple 15-20min procedure. 3 2001 2000 2004 2002 2005 2. Apex’i PFC conversions ONLY include the IAT sensor in the main harness. 6l Vin V 8th Digit Flex Fuel W/o Oil Cooler 109951 W/fuel Injector Glow Plug Harness Pair 2c510 Catalytic Converter Andamp Flex plate: You will need a flexplate and spacer from ¾ ton GM truck that originally came with a 4L80E. The harness is completely plug and play for easy installation. Free shipping on orders over $50 always makes purchasing a little easier. There was also a flex-fuel version (L59) of the 5. The truck is a 2007 F150 5. Shop safely with us online or call 888-844-3393 and buy the quality part your car or truck needs today. Search by make for fuel efficient new and used cars and trucks The Flex Fuel Ethanol Sensor Kit is a requirement for converting your supported Subaru to a Flex Fuel configuration. 99 USD GM Fast Response IAT Sensor. Ethanol allows users to run more boost which provides them with more power as long as there is a healthy amount of ethanol in the fuel. The issue is with the wiring harness that connects the fuel pump and sender. Flex Fuel Sensor It's very nice to see guys helping together and share ideas. World's leading marketplace. We carry and distribute many lines of high quality performance parts from engine, to suspension, cooling, exterior, and ECU parts. Locating the hole too far away from the vehicle center may affect wire lengths that connect to sensors on the engine. This is an On-Car test of the fuel injectors on any Ford 3. Air fuel ratio sensors utilize a sophisticated sensing element that enables them to produce a precise output in proportion to the air fuel ratio. 8l Wo Flex Fuel Wpzev. A fuel injector or the fuel volume control valve may clog due to metallic debris within the fuel system. The Flex Fuel Ethanol Sensor Kit is a requirement for converting your supported Subaru to a Flex Fuel configuration. 4 liter flex fuel engine or the 2. Showcasing hopkins 47755 simple brake on sale right now. AFR sensors provide the ECU with an exact Focusing on lots of 2008 Flex W and much more on sale on the internet. What was traditionally only possible by running a generator and burning through expensive fuel, is now an option for any rig, new or old. 00 Flex Fuel Converter Kit: This is a universal Flex Fuel kit we created for those applications that require a tidy $249. I'm just a nerd and would like to learn more about the DME, I just don't have time to experiment so I got a custom tune. 6l Vin V 8th Digit Flex Fuel Without Oil Cooler Ez Flex Loc Rear Facing Five Point Harness Safety Car Flex Pipe And Converter 2 FlexTek is a flex-fuel conversion technology that utilizes its own standalone CPU to enable the vehicle’s fuel system to burn ethanol (E85), gasoline, or any blend of the two fuels, the vehicle’s original computer is not bypassed. The versatile MicroSquirt with 8′ Harness: Standalone Engine Management System, Transmission Controller or CAN I/O Expansion Module- Version 3. Get automotive, electrical parts at NAPA Auto Parts. flushed the lines cleaned my injectors and replaced the plugs. This kit allows you to quickly and easily add the new South African quad-headlight setup to any 1980-1991 Vanagon. Repairing damaged wiring harness was created by Saxon I have a bit of a dilemma, and need some help learning how to repair a damaged wiring harness. This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is a generic OBD-II powertrain code. Mercedes W202 C280 Genuine Engine Wiring Harness Fuel Injection System Brand New. Ran engine for 100 miles then adjusted fuel to E95 and took mileage 103959. Proud to have you running our custom software in your Motec Systems USA M150 Flex Fuel Muscle Car Vehicle Management System!! Flex 5. 00 Lead Time: 8 WEEKS FROM DATE OF PURCHASE Our EFI 24x™ plug and play engine wire harness for the 1993 Camaro & Firebird is a brand new harness assembly that replaces the original LT1 engine wire harness. If the XFI can use the 0-5v analog to control fueling you could just alter the fuel map depending on the E85 content. WARNING: Motor vehicles contain fuel, oils and fluids, battery posts, terminals and related accessories which contain lead and lead compounds and other chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. An important thing to understand when finding the location of cylinder 3 is that it’s going to be the 3’rd cylinder in the firing order of the vehicle, and not the 3’rd cylinder that you might see when looking at the engine. 3L V-8. The 02-06 Tahoes that were flex fuel use an actual sensor. It allows for the use of 1 PWM (normal or non-XBus) servo from the XBus port. The @KTuner "Flex Fuel Converter" is only $99, available through any Ktuner dealer. 2002 Ford Truck Explorer 4WD V6-4. Instead of a fuel pressure regulator on the engine and a return line to send excess fuel back to the tank, these systems have a regulator mounted on the fuel pump or the Engine Control Module (ECM) controls fuel flow. Ford decided that the entire computer system should be powered from a single relay. Full Transmission and Torque Converter Control, Wiring Harness, Connectors, Software and Manual Included **Requires ATS SelectShift Valve Body part# 303-950-2000** Full Throttle Speed. 00. Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Performance or Stuck Off. This includes all wiring Wonderful prices on Flex Plate Automatic 359378! Find a selection catalog of flex plate automatic 359378 in stock and ready to ship here online. Connect the wiring harness from the computer to the engine (don’t forget to connect any ground wires). Flex. for Ford Ranger & Ford Taurus . Unit B Oxford MI, 48371 (248) 393-1621. 3, also done by the tuner- Carl @Lancer Auto Service, but I didn't want to hijack that thread. Our site has more Crank and Cam Signal Kits, Connectors, Terminals, and Professional Series ECU Extensions than ever before! We offer a range of wiring harnesses perfect for your injection system, fuel pump, and fuel injectors - all made with the proper TXL wire to complete your project. Someone put sugar in my gas tank so I had it worked on at the Dodge place they replaced my fuel pump. Learn about your truck and talk with other owners! Show off your Tundra in the free gallery. Find Hopkins 40955 3036 on sale today. You would need the sensor, wiring, and the segment swap for flex fuel on your 04. +1 Also, the amplitude of the frequency will provide the information for fuel temperature. Automatic Transmission Torque Converter Repair Sleeve . Ford 7. I was struggling to come to a decision on a fuel solution, do I do BAP or Squash or Fore or whatever? Ford Multi-Port Fuel Injection August, 2005 - Jim O'Clair The advantages to converting your Ford muscle car or street rod to a newer, more efficient fuel-injection system are similar to some of the reasons we highlighted when we featured the GM multi-port system a few issues ago. Fits trucks with the 618/47RH/47RE & 48RE Automatic Transmission. To purchase the part or to get additional information about the part before you purchase it, click on the View More Details button. It is considered generic because it applies to all makes and models of vehicles (1996-newer), although specific repair steps may vary depending on the model. Choose top quality brands Motorcraft. 2004 - 2008 Ford F150 - 2007 F150 Fuel Sender Wiring Harness - I'm new to this forum and am looking for any info that might help. Category Howto & Style; Show more Show less. New, used and rebuilt parts for 66-77 Ford Broncos, 78-79 Ford Broncos and classic Ford Trucks up to 1996. Harness Kits are available for most GM and Ford four speed automatics. Take the under tray off and the ECT2 plug will be on the passenger side radiator by the lower radiator hose. evox flex fuel kit installation Installation of the FlexConverter. Right! This is an E85 Ethanol Conversion kit for 8 cylinder vehicles with Delphi connectors. BlueFlex ECA Full EVO X Flex Fuel Package (USDM only) $ 349. ProEFI Reviews!!!! New Billet Throttle Body for Boosted Applications!! ProEFI and external 2-Step (i. Flex Fuel Conversion Kits; Racetronix 86-87 Turbo Buick Fuel Pump Hot Wire Harness. Find aftermarket and OEM parts available for in-store pick up or home delivery. 49 - 170. 0 Flex Fuel. 5-L V6) Fuel gauge/sender Flex Fuel with MegaSquirt Controller Many MegaSquirters have expressed an interest in having MegaSquirt ® control flexible fuel vehicles, typically E85/gasoline engines. Jeep Wrangler Parts. The Billet Aluminum Serpentine Kit has a maximum width of 22. 8L V-10 Wiring Harness Parts for sale. Congrats to Team Sorceress Flex Fuel Hurst Olds Muscle Car on a new personal best speed today of 242. KTUNER Ethanol Converter for Flex Fuel Applications Ktuner Flex Fuel Converter is used on KTunerFlash applications to convert an ethanol sensor signal into a voltage signal that the ECU can use for flex fuel applications. Gen5DIY offers custom plug and play harnesses, do it yourself kits, lighting, interior and exterior parts for many of today's top vehicles on the road, including Camaro, Silverado, GMC, Mopar and more. The fluid sensor detects the ethanol concentration in a gasoline / ethanol fuel mixture and provides alcohol content pre-injection. Thanks for providing your input. Hard to beat prices for ho8122 hopkins 48285. Face book too! What is Flex Fuel? A flexible fueled vehicle (FFV) has a single fuel tank, fuel system, and engine. Very roomy and comfortable, not bad on fuel. Search by Model. Our Street Rod Series Turnkey Packages come complete with Billet Aluminum Serpentine Kit, Wire Harness, ECM and more. flex fuel converter harness